Applying for an E2 visa could be challenging without the assistance of a qualified E2 visa lawyer. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are requirements and criteria to be satisfied before your application for an E2 visa can be granted. Although the requirements for eligibility seem simple and straightforward, you need an experienced E2 visa lawyer to interpret the criteria correctly and guide you through the application and preparation of all necessary documents that will boost your chances of having your application approved.

Common Issues with an E2 Visa and Why You Need an E2 Visa Lawyer

Several applicants had their applications denied because of little mistakes or errors in their applications due to poor interpretation of the rule. You can avoid this unpleasant development by hiring and working with an E2 visa lawyer for the submission and procession of your E2 visa application. Here are some of the mistakes you would avoid if you work with an experienced lawyer:

1. Business Not Qualified for an E2 Visa

According to the provision of the law guiding the approval of the E2 visa to applicants, the investor must have invested in a business or in active preparation to invest in an American enterprise. However, most applicants still get denied because the so-called investment or enterprise has a structure that does not qualify for an E2 visa. Therefore, you need an E2 visa lawyer to assess the business structure you have invested or planning to invest in to avoid disqualification in the long run.

2. Incorrect Type of Financing or Too Much Financing for E2 Visa

The law states that the applicant (investor) must have made a substantial investment. However, if you intend to purchase a business and funded partly with cash and a promissory note, that may work in standard business practice but will be a hindrance to getting your E2 visa approved.

3. Passive Investment

The money invested should be in an active form and not a passive investment, like purchasing a real estate for rental income. The chances are that passive investment will not qualify for an E2 visa. It is required that the investor will be actively managing and developing the business daily and also create job opportunities for other people. As a result, any investment or enterprise that does not require direct management and control of the investor may not qualify for an E2 visa.

From the above, it is crucial to hire an E2 visa lawyer before you file for the E2 visa, for an on-the-spot assessment of your application status and advice in order to stand the chance of being granted an E2 visa that you need to enter the United States. Working with an E2 visa lawyer will improve your chances of being granted an E2 visa due to professional advice and experience that will have a significant impact on your application.

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