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E2 Visa Attorney


When you have a controlling share in a business the US Immigration authorities are more likely to accept that you are committed to the business. Although it is possible to get E2 visa with less than 50% share, you will still need to have a significant share in the business example 3 members of the company can have equal share where investment amount is substantial’s

While there is not specific amount of money required for the E2 visa. Your investment must be substantial and sufficient for the business

Where you have not properly apportioned the money, you have invested. Example spending too much money on a company car for a business where delivery is not required to serve the purpose of the business.

While there is no law preventing you from trading in your own name. for the E2 visa, some sort of formalization is preferred and advised example, LLC, corporation etc.

Getting information from the internet can be detrimental to you E2 visa process if you do not seek to clarify with information with a US immigration attorney.  You should not submit an E2 visa application without a lawyer.

Your E2 visa business plan needs to be written in a manner that it will comply with all the requirements of the E2 visa rules.  Get this professionally written. If you are already spending a lot of money investing, why try to save  money with your business plan. always best to get this professionally drawn by an immigration business plan writer.

The E2 visa in not in the immigrant category, so you need to show evidence that you will be returning home at the end of your visa. There is no requirement to close your business. It is expected to flourish.

You need to show that your business is not marginal . it has to be sufficient enough to provide jobs for US residents

You do not show that you have the ability and qualified to run the proposed businesses. i.e. do you have the skills needed.

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